Next-Level Performance Capture:
The freedom to perform, direct & create
Streamlining performance capture through AI based marker-less capture technology

Core innovations

Comprehensive/Unified Mocap solution

A comprehensive solution:

Markerless Motion Capture

Portable system, deployed within hours in any closed environment.

The freedom to direct and act naturally - no markers, gloves suits or face cameras

Automated motion tracking accuracy

Automatic solution, minimal to no cleanup required

Rig agnostic solver

YOOM solution seamlessly adapts to any custom rig constraints, including EPIC's Metahuman and Roblox, and integrates into any animation pipeline,

Performance likeness capture

YOOM solution generates a true-to-life 3D fully rigged, skinned, and textured model for 3D references purpose, pre-viz, or crowd replacement.


Extensive and diverse proprietary volumetric video data set collected across NA, APAC, and EMEA


Multiple patent-protected technology in the field of character animation and 3D reconstruction


Internal R&D team over 30 Senior engineers who are experts in computer vision, deep learning, 3D reconstruction, optimization and software development


Proprietary deep learning neural networks, training tools and infrastructure developed in-house, and focused on digital human reconstruction and augmentation

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Executive Team
Gilad Talmon
Micha Birnboim
Matan Efrima
Sefy Kagarlitsky
Chief Scientist
Marilyn Boccara Levi
Keren Zohar
Eitamar Ginzburg
Roy Glasberg
Head of System Operations
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Aaron Stone
Jeff Horing
Kevin Tsujihara
Hagai Raz
David Krone
Advisory Board
Blair Rich
Joe Rubino
Eyal Gever
Lee Solomon
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